Split personality

I painted this in my free time. This is my favorite style of art. One line drawing type of art. I painted a piece of paper a dark blue/grey and then painted everything else in gold acrylic paint.

Banksy graffiti

The first picture is on canvas. I got different paints and poured it on the canvas and then cut out the Banksy stencil and spray painted it white. And the flowers wouldn’t show up so I painted them shades of pink. The second picture is a piece of cardboard that I painted with acrylic and…

Oil painted sunflower

I painted this on a canvas for my last project with oil paints that I got for my birthday. I used them as if they were acrylic but I still really like them other than the smell.

Observational Turtle Drawing

This was project 1 for art independent study this year. I looked at a turtle and drew this. So this is an observational piece.


This piece is inspired by Claude Monet. This is orange flower flowers on lily pads in water.


This is a silhouette that’s all about me.