Self portrait

This project was one of the student teachers projects.


Abstract piece I made with acrylic paint and pallets knives


This is a project I made with T’ona that had an ocean and space


Freshman year I used oil pastel and made basically this same mushroom but the art teacher then took it and I never saw it again so I thought that my senior tile should be that mushroom therefore I could make a 360 turn. I started with it and now I am ending with it.

Oh the places you will Gogh

For my graduation cap I painted the Van Gogh’s starry night and made it more my own and then I painted oh the places you will Gogh relating to Dr. Suess.


I painted this in my free time. This is my favorite style of art. One line drawing type of art. I painted a piece of paper a dark blue/grey and then painted everything else in gold acrylic paint.